The Power and Purpose of the Teenage Brain

April 9th, 2015 - By admin in neuroAgility News

This week neuroAgility staff attended an inspiring lecture by physi­cian and best selling author Daniel J. Siegel, MD enti­tled “Under­standing and Nurturing the ESSENCE of Adoles­cents and Teens”. We’ve added another of his books to our list of reading sugges­tions. Dr. Siegel is a strong propo­nent of neuro­feed­back and medi­ta­tion. Brain­storm: The Power and Purpose of the Teenage Brain, Siegel, D., 2013

neuroAgility Speaks at Google Boulder May 2015

January 16th, 2015 - By admin in neuroAgility News, Neurofeedback News

Google Hobby Talk — Abstract: neuroAgility will present qEEG (brain mapping) and EEG biofeed­back (neuro­feed­back).  Our busi­ness is working with brain wave activity, and teaching people how to change their elec­trical activity for different reasons.  Our areas of specialty are in ADD/ADHD, Anxiety, Social Anxiety, Perfor­mance (Athletes, Musi­cians, Public Speaking, Profes­sionals), ASD, Brain Injury.  We have been working in this specialty area for 14 years … Continue reading

Get a Baseline!

May 15th, 2014 - By admin in Athletic/Performance Enhancement, Information on Brain Injury, Mild/Traumatic Brain Injury, neuroAgility News

neuroAgility,PC is pleased to announce our Get a Base­line! program. We take concus­sions and head injury seri­ously. As athlete perfor­mance is one of our specialty areas, we are concerned with contact sports. Every concus­sion injures your brain to some extent. neuroAgility cares about providing you with an under­standing of your brain before and after the injury. Most impor­tantly, we care about restoring your brain back … Continue reading

Teens Summer Book Club!

May 8th, 2014 - By admin in neuroAgility News

This Summer neuroAgility will be leading a Teen Book Club for GIRLS ! Cool time. Smart time. Learning ourselves time. Social, Supportive and ther­a­peutic. Together we will pick a book, and have group discus­sions. It’s a great way to meet other amazing young ladies, and really dive into our power as women: Making deci­sions, Confi­dence, Where/How do we fit in the world, Learning what we … Continue reading

neuroAgility presents at Mackintosh Academy’s Segue to Summer Series, May 2014

April 28th, 2014 - By admin in Anxiety, Athletic/Performance Enhancement, Autism Spectrum, Information on ADD/ADHD, Information on Brain Injury, Information on Neurofeedback, Mild/Traumatic Brain Injury, neuroAgility News

Strate­gies for Summer — “From Boredom to Over Sched­uling, How Best to Serve the Gifted Child over Summer — and how Neuro­feed­back can help”. Neuro­feed­back profes­sionals Kerri Honaker and Charity Finch will lead a discus­sion about how to make the most of Summer for your gifted child and family. They will also speak to how Neuro­feed­back can help address issues such as ADHD and anxiety … Continue reading

American Academy of Pediatrics Recognizes Neurofeedback as being as effective as medication for ADHD

February 14th, 2013 - By admin in Information on ADD/ADHD, neuroAgility News, Neurofeedback News

Neuro­feed­back now a “Level 1 — Best Support” Inter­ven­tion for Atten­tion & Hyper­ac­tivity Behav­iors Prac­tice­Wise, the com­pany that main­tains the Amer­i­can Acad­emy of Pedi­atrics “Evidence-based Child and Ado­les­cent Psycho-social Inter­ven­tions” has just announced it will ele­vate biofeed­back to “Level 1 — Best Sup­port” as an inter­ven­tion for Atten­tion & Hyper­ac­tiv­ity Behav­iors in the next edi­tion. Work­ing Mem­ory Train­ing will stay at Level 2 — Good … Continue reading