neuroAgility Speaks at Google Boulder May 2015

January 16th, 2015 - By admin in neuroAgility News, Neurofeedback News

Google Hobby Talk – Abstract:

neuroAgility will present qEEG (brain mapping) and EEG biofeedback
(neurofeedback).  Our business is working with brain wave activity,
and teaching people how to change their electrical
activity for different reasons.  Our areas of specialty are in
ADD/ADHD, Anxiety, Social Anxiety, Performance (Athletes, Musicians,
Public Speaking, Professionals), ASD, Brain Injury.  We have been
working in this specialty area for 14 years in Boulder, Dr. Stockdale
for 30 years.  Efficiency in brain functioning is the goal. There are
many reasons people come in to work on different angles of their

Analogous to the way that Physical Therapy helps a person gain strength
and flexibility, neurofeedback can enhance attention, vision,
regulation.  We think of it as physical therapy for the brain.



Kerri Honaker, M.A., M.S., LPC, BCIA – Founder/Director: “Practical day to day training and implication of brain training”
Earle Shugerman,  MD – Medical Director: “Neuromodulation”
Steve Stockdale, PhD – Consultant: “Z-score training, a new Frontier in brain training”