neuroAgility Speaks at Google Boulder May 2015

January 16th, 2015 - By admin in neuroAgility News, Neurofeedback News

Google Hobby Talk — Abstract:

neuroAgility will present qEEG (brain mapping) and EEG biofeed­back
(neuro­feed­back).  Our busi­ness is working with brain wave activity,
and teaching people how to change their elec­trical
activity for different reasons.  Our areas of specialty are in
ADD/ADHD, Anxiety, Social Anxiety, Perfor­mance (Athletes, Musi­cians,
Public Speaking, Profes­sionals), ASD, Brain Injury.  We have been
working in this specialty area for 14 years in Boulder, Dr. Stock­dale
for 30 years.  Effi­ciency in brain func­tioning is the goal. There are
many reasons people come in to work on different angles of their

Anal­o­gous to the way that Phys­ical Therapy helps a person gain strength
and flex­i­bility, neuro­feed­back can enhance atten­tion, vision,
regu­la­tion.  We think of it as phys­ical therapy for the brain.



Kerri Honaker, M.A., M.S., LPC, BCIA — Founder/Director: “Prac­tical day to day training and impli­ca­tion of brain training”
Earle Shugerman,  MD — Medical Director: “Neuro­mod­u­la­tion”
Steve Stock­dale, PhD — Consul­tant: “Z‑score training, a new Fron­tier in brain training”