Common Inquiries

How can I learn more about neuroAgility and what they have to offer?

Will my insurance cover neuroAgility’s sessions?

We ask you to contact your insur­ance carrier to deter­mine if you have out-of-network mental health bene­fits. You can find their member services phone number on your insur­ance card​.You will want to ask them specif­i­cally:

  • How much is my coverage for out-of-network mental health bene­fits?
  • How much is my deductible?
  • How much of my deductible has been met?
  • Is prior autho­riza­tion required?

Once you have received your insur­ance infor­ma­tion and you begin your work with neuroAgility, we will submit all insur­ance claims for you once per week.

We ask all services are paid in full at the time of service.

Our office manager can give you CPT codes if your insur­ance carrier needs more infor­ma­tion.

How do I start the neuroAgility program?

  • Call to schedule a consul­ta­tion, 1 hour
  • Once the consul­ta­tion has been completed and we come to the consensus that nfb seems like a good idea; there are three appoint­ments needed to get started.

First Appoint­ment : 90 minutes
Initial Developmental/Behavioral Clin­ical Assess­ment. Face to face inter­view.

Second Appointmen
t :

  • IVA : 30 minutes
    IVA Inte­grated Visual and Audi­tory Contin­uous Perfor­mance Test; A very good base­line measuring reac­tion time and response time to both audi­tory and visual stimuli.
  • qEEG : 60 minutes
    Brain mapping. We will give you instruc­tions on what you need to do before having your elec­trical activity measured and arti­facted.

Third Appoint­ment : 60 minutes
A complete presen­ta­tion and review of your qEEG results and protocol design with physi­cian and director of nA, PC. Before this appoint­ment there is an internal review with 3 profes­sionals reviewing all clin­ical data, compar­ison with map, and design of indi­vidual protocol. After this review, we will then begin neuro­feed­back training.

How many sessions of neurofeedback will I need?

It depends on what you come in for. There is a very good empir­ical average of 40 sessions. Some­times it is only 35 sessions, some­times it is 60, depends on brain plas­ticity, consis­tency, and severity.

How many times a week would I do neurofeedback?

neuroAgility recom­mends training two times per week minimum. Each session is one hour. Every neurother­a­pist that works at nA, PC is a Licensed Profes­sional and is a specialist in cogni­tive behav­ioral therapy. Offering a ther­a­peutic setting, perfor­mance and support are big compo­nents of our work.

How long is a neurofeedback session?

We schedule our sessions for one hour. This gives us time for hook up and cleaning. We can then work and monitor all inven­to­ries and progress.

How much does this cost?

We will review cost with you at the consul­ta­tion, or we can email you a price sheet. We have formal 20 Session Reviews where the whole team gathers to review progress; along with 40/60/80 Session Reviews. You can purchase nfb by indi­vidual sessions, or in pack­ages of 10 or 20 at a discounted price.

If I were to come in for sports performance, how would I get started and what would we do?

We would start in a similar way to the tradi­tional program, and spend more time and detail on the presenting issue. We have some very specific performance/athlete inven­to­ries that you will fill out, and they take a bit of time. This gives us insight on what detail is really needing work. Work can range from pre-perfor­mance routine/­post-perfor­mance routine work, to us watching a compet­i­tive round of golf, to coming to a prac­tice and meeting coaches. The work here is very specific, and the inte­gra­tion of the neuro­feed­back can be a key element along with mental strategy in taming the mind to up your game.

What am I looking for in a neurofeedback program?

  • Clinic Director BCIA certi­fi­ca­tion in Neuro­feed­back
  • Board Certi­fied Medical Direc­tion (MD, Physi­cian)
  • Master’s Level and Licensed Clin­i­cians
  • qEEG driven protocol design only
  • 2 times per week minimum brain training model
  • Perfor­mance Coaching
  • Family support, parent effec­tive­ness training
  • Admin­is­tra­tive staff:
    • sched­uling / avail­ability
    • insur­ance claim submis­sion and follow up
  • State of the art brain training equip­ment
  • Expe­ri­ence in the area you are looking for help with, for example, ADHD/ADD; Trau­matic Brain Injury; Anxiety; Sleep; Aspergers; Seizure Disorder

How do I make an appointment for psychotherapy with Kerri Honaker, LPC?

Call our office to schedule a 45 minute meet and greet appoint­ment with Ms. Honaker. This is a good way to meet each other and get a sense if it seems like a good fit for therapy.

How can I learn more about the Teen Book Club For Girls?

Please email or call us! In our website under programs there is more infor­ma­tion. If there are enough young ladies signed up (prefer­ably 5–7), this partic­ular club is offered one night per week for 90 minutes. Once we fill a group, then a wait begins for the next group to begin. Be thinking of BOOKS!