Testimonials and Reviews

Mother of 8-Year old, Teacher

“My daughter has continued to make good progress. I can’t pinpoint anything specific and different since the new protocols have started. January is always the hardest month for her and we’ve seen a little regression but not as much as other years so far. We think that neurofeedback has had a huge impact on her overall well-being. She has never grown as much as she has in the past year. We are so grateful. Thank you for everything.” KR

34-year-old, self-report

“I am a female with bipolar disorder and A.D.D.   Finding the right medications and treatment continue to be a struggle.  I still take medications for A.D.D., but by doing neuroAgility I was able to start tapering down on a few medications.  After a few months of “training”, I was able to finish novels and express myself more clearly.  I didn’t always feel like I had any major achievements each day, but over time I was able to notice a difference.  I also noticed that my moods were much more stable because I was able to accomplish things and stay calm.” AR

Mother of 11-year-old and 15-year-old, Licensed Professional Counselor

“Both of my children, ages 11 and 15 received neurofeedback with neuroAgility.  My son has ADHD and my daughter has OCD.  Both were helped tremendously by neurofeedback.  My son is now doing wonderfully in school and my daughter’s symptoms have decreased significantly.  In addition, the amazing results for both children have lasted since we finished treatment almost a year ago!  Kerri Honaker is not only a gifted clinician, but is also warm and caring and was so supportive of each of my children and of us.  I am so grateful to Kerri and I highly recommend neuroAgility!” LB

47-year-old mother, business owner

“I had a seizure disorder that came from a nasty case of viral encephalitis I caught from a mosquito in 1990.  Luckily my seizures were caused mostly by estrogen spikes, so after the virus was gone I didn’t have another seizure until 2008 when I entered peri-menopause.  That was when my estrogen levels started to spike uncontrollably and the seizures came back with avengeance.  Neurofeedback completely controlled both my grand mal and complex partial seizures.  I haven’t had a grand mal seizure since July of 2015.  I am off medication and no longer need to take pills that make me sick and cause debilitating pain.  It has totally changed my quality of life.  I am so very grateful for the help from neuroAgility.  They created a treatment plan based on qEEG instead of symptoms only, which is why I believe we succeeded!!  I am recommending them to anyone I know with a seizure disorder.  Thank you so very much Kerri!!” PK

Parents of a 10-year-old boy

“Our son is having his best year yet. We feel that neuroAgility certainly played a huge part in this. We will be back for more. I hope to continue to be connected to neuroAgility and we are so grateful we were able to do neurofeedback for our son this summer.” GG

53-year-old mother, physician

“I am happy to report I am finally back working again! Currently I am fulfilling a preceptorship that I need to finish in order for my retraining licensing to be unrestricted. I am relearning my skills as a family doc. By early Fall, I should finish my requirements and be working full time as a fully licensed family doctor! What a thrill it is for me to be back seeing patients again. I have waited a long time for this opportunity to work as a doctor again, and I love it. Thanks to you for helping be realize my potential and giving me so much encouragement. Neurofeedback was a lifesaver. All the hard work paid off. Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for me!” GW

42-year-old wife and professional

“Having already experienced neurofeedback elsewhere, I found neuroAgility to provide and exceptional experience. When one comes in for an initial brain mapping, the data is examined by several different specialists including Earle Shugerman, who each contribute to developing the best possible treatment plan. At the same time, the staff is very open to the client’s suggestions and needs. Lorene Cecilia, who has been my trainer brings a wealth of experience, insight and compassion that brings out the best training in me. As for results, it is very clear that extensive training of my beta waves and then my theta waves has allowed me to experience the highest degree of stability in my entire life, allowing me to safely reduce bipolar medication in conjunction with other therapies. Neurofeedback is life-changing and neuroAgility is an outstanding place to train.” Dr. Naomi Susan Schwartz Jacobs

10-year-old boy, self-report

“My brain is like a phone. A phone has memory, and my brain has more memory than it ever has. It’s like I have extra memory cards now.” SS

45-year-old father, husband and engineer

“neuroAgility really helped me. The qEEG tests I took helped me understand the neurological basis for my attention-related limitations as well as the role of my previously prescribed medication in reducing them. Although I was successful before treatment, my performance has unquestionably been enhanced as a result of treatment. Not only were my sessions with neuroAgility helpful and educational but I had a lot of fun too.” PR

Parents of an 8-year-old boy

“I have seen my son calm down. He just turned eight when he started to see Kerri. He used to escalate and act out at home, and at school he seemed out of control. Now that he has done neurofeedback, we are seeing him behave better. What is really great is his teachers, counselors, and many of his friends’ parents are saying he is easier to be around, and better at birthday parties and such. He’s friendlier, listens, is more confident, and able to sit longer amounts of time. At home we are noticing that he gets into trouble less and less.

We are grateful to neuroAgility for how they have worked with our son. He is a not a highly motivated kid, but Kerri’s strengths were helping him feel good about himself by taking the positive things in his life and building on those. We are moving out of the state, but will be coming back each summer for “mini camps” to have Chad readjust to his new year of growth.” RT

Mother of a teenager

“In the beginning I was skeptical as far as what results we would see. The results have exceeded all of our expectations. We are pleased with the whole process that our son has gone through.

He is more focused, more calm, has more patience, and his self-esteem has improved. Perhaps best of all is that our lives no longer revolve around his medication.” JH

60-year-old mother, grandmother and business owner

“After doing neurofeedback I have better word finding and articulation; better organization and structure at work and at home. I am now taking on tasks that were once overwhelming. I still take medication, but with neurofeedback my focus and creativity are better. I can now follow through on my ideas and turn the abstract into a finished product.” PT

Mother of a 9-year old boy

“He has become less aggressive at home and is in more control of his actions.” HJ

13-year-old boy, self-report

“I am able to finish long math assignments. It is easier to finish school work that is boring and hard.

My anxiety attacks have gone from 1 time a week to 1 time a month. I am more comfortable eating lunch in the lunch room at school and talking to other kids. I used to eat lunch in the school office.” NPS

Mother of 10-year-old gymnast

“Not only has she worked through the block she came in for, it’s like her school work has advanced.” MW

47-year-old man, school teacher of 25 years

“My anxiety in social situations is hardly noticeable anymore. I am able to take situations as they come instead of getting anxious about what might happen, both at work and in social situations.” DT

10-year-old boy, self-report

“I listen better at school and can sit still longer when I am doing something boring. I think before I yell when I get frustrated at school” EH

Elite women’s figure skater on neurofeedback

“It’s helping so much with my skating. It’s like this underlying confidence that doesn’t let me get off my rhythm. I am hitting all my jumps (well, most of them) and I don’t have a million thoughts going through my head.” CS

4th-grade teacher of a 10-year-old boy

“He shows more focus. He is attacking work more on his own which is wonderful. He is less and less frustrated with his work. He is concerned about getting his work finished and he is more responsible with the routine. He has moved into a more challenging math group. He is engaged and likes to listen and participate.” JT

72-year-old, highly-educated grandmother

“I am more focused which means I get more done. I am much less depressed than I was before I started neurofeedback.” PT

Physical Therapist of a 50-year-old mother and professional

“Neurofeedback has significantly reduced her neck pain. My plan is for her to continue with her neurofeedback training [EEG biofeedback], since this seems to be making the most measurable gains at this point.” BS