Camp neuroAgility!

Optimize attentional performance with camp neuroAgility

Opti­mize atten­tional perfor­mance with camp neuroAgility

Are you looking forward to summer with a mixture of antic­i­pa­tion and dread?  What will you or your chil­dren do with such long stretches of unstruc­tured time?  Will they be rest­less?  Bored?  Will the summer be a triumph or a trial?  These issues take on a special meaning for parents and kids with ADD/ADHD.  Give your kids, teens, young adults, a head start into the fall school year.  Going into fall with confi­dence can make a world of differ­ence for your family and for you. We can help you learn how to succeed!

Our inten­sive BRAIN TRAINING SUMMER CAMP is specially designed to opti­mize atten­tional perfor­mance.  Our areas of exper­tise are ADD/ADHD/Aspergers/Anxiety/Mild Trau­matic Brain Injury/Performance.  This camp is for chil­dren, teens, and young adults who want to begin the fall school year on-track.  The camp provides the equiv­a­lent of our stan­dard 4 – 6 month training program in 8–12 inten­sive weeks.

"Give your kids, teens, young adults, a head start into the fall school year.  We can help you learn how to succeed!"

Neuro­feed­back (biofeed­back for the brain) utilizes state-of-the-art EEG moni­toring equip­ment to train the brain.  Neuro­feed­back training helps one to focus for longer periods of time, manage time better, increase moti­va­tion, succeed at school work, gain confi­dence in relating with peers, and better manage rela­tion­ship stres­sors.

Important Details

neuroAgility, PC will create an indi­vid­u­alized brain training program for each partic­ipant, based on qEEG brain mapping and behavioral/developmental eval­u­ation. 
Inte­grate us into your summer plans; give us a call so we can schedule your eval­u­a­tion and training schedule to accom­mo­date your summer struc­ture. We prefer to schedule in our Block times, but it is not a require­ment to have a successful Summer training.

Dates:  SUMMER MONTHS into the Fall school year. BLOCK I: June 4 — July 3, BLOCK II: July 7 — Aug 5

Our goal is to have you or your child train as consis­tently as possible over the summer.  We know fami­lies plan vaca­tions over the  summer.  We have success­fully executed our summer camp over the years with this strategy ~ to have a summer ~ and train your brain.  Schools have so many different ending times for summer holiday. We would like to have a full eval­u­a­tion completed before school ends if possible, so brain training can begin. 

Loca­tion:    Central Boulder Office

Time:    5 times per week; 1 or 2 train­ings per day


  • 8–12 week inten­sive
  • Empir­ical average shows 40 sessions to have strong benefit from the training
  • Follow through support and tracking into begin­ning of school year
  • Avail­able Training Hours: 9:00am – 7:00pm   Monday-Friday 

 Family Discounts Avail­able


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