Camp neuroAgility!

Optimize attentional performance with camp neuroAgility

Optimize attentional performance with camp neuroAgility

Are you looking forward to summer with a mixture of anticipation and dread?  What will you or your children do with such long stretches of unstructured time?  Will they be restless?  Bored?  Will the summer be a triumph or a trial?  These issues take on a special meaning for parents and kids with ADD/ADHD.  Give your kids, teens, young adults, a head start into the fall school year.  Going into fall with confidence can make a world of difference for your family and for you. We can help you learn how to succeed!

Our intensive BRAIN TRAINING SUMMER CAMP is specially designed to optimize attentional performance.  Our areas of expertise are ADD/ADHD/Aspergers/Anxiety/Mild Traumatic Brain Injury/Performance.  This camp is for children, teens, and young adults who want to begin the fall school year on-track.  The camp provides the equivalent of our standard 4 – 6 month training program in 8-12 intensive weeks.

“Give your kids, teens, young adults, a head start into the fall school year.  We can help you learn how to succeed!”

Neurofeedback (biofeedback for the brain) utilizes state-of-the-art EEG monitoring equipment to train the brain.  Neurofeedback training helps one to focus for longer periods of time, manage time better, increase motivation, succeed at school work, gain confidence in relating with peers, and better manage relationship stressors.

Important Details

neuroAgility, PC will create an indi­vid­u­alized brain training program for each partic­ipant, based on qEEG brain mapping and behavioral/developmental eval­u­ation. 
Integrate us into your summer plans; give us a call so we can schedule your evaluation and training schedule to accommodate your summer structure. We prefer to schedule in our Block times, but it is not a requirement to have a successful Summer training.

Dates:  SUMMER MONTHS into the Fall school year. BLOCK I: June 4 – July 3, BLOCK II: July 7 – Aug 5

Our goal is to have you or your child train as consistently as possible over the summer.  We know families plan vacations over the  summer.  We have successfully executed our summer camp over the years with this strategy ~ to have a summer ~ and train your brain.  Schools have so many different ending times for summer holiday. We would like to have a full evaluation completed before school ends if possible, so brain training can begin. 

Location:    Central Boulder Office

Time:    5 times per week; 1 or 2 trainings per day


  • 8–12 week intensive
  • Empirical average shows 40 sessions to have strong benefit from the training
  • Follow through support and tracking into beginning of school year
  • Available Training Hours: 9:00am – 7:00pm   Monday-Friday 

 Family Discounts Available


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