The neuroAgility Approach

The neuroAgility staff offer exper­tise in qEEG and Neuro­feed­back, Indi­vidual and Family Cogni­tive Behav­ioral Therapy, Mind­ful­ness Based Stress Reduc­tion (MBSR), Psychotherapy, Sport Psychology, and Clin­ical Psychi­atry refer­rals if warranted. We offer state-of-the-art training that is respectful and non-stig­ma­tizing; we build on your strengths leading to a sense of self-mastery.

We work together with refer­ring profes­sionals including psychother­a­pists, educa­tors, coaches, primary care physi­cians, neurol­o­gists, and psychi­a­trists.

What is qEEG/Neurofeedback?

We employ qEEG and EEG biofeed­back to train indi­viduals to alter their brain­waves.

We employ qEEG (quan­ti­ta­tive elec­troen­cephalo­gram) and EEG biofeed­back (also called neuro­feed­back or neurotherapy) to train indi­vid­uals to alter their brain­waves. Just as phys­ical exer­cise helps a person strengthen their muscles, mental exer­cises such as those made possible by EEG biofeed­back can strengthen a person’s ability to control the brain’s activity.

To accom­plish this, we first create a brain map (qEEG)—a picture of the activity in a person’s brain before training. This is done by attaching pain­less, non-inva­sive sensors to his or her scalp and recording the signals received. With this map, neuro­feed­back proto­cols are tailored to the individual’s needs. qEEG mapping and Neuro­feed­back training are conducted in a comfort­able office setting, at our Centers, utilizing state-of-the-art computer-assisted equip­ment.

Neuro­feed­back is used in conjunc­tion with psychotherapy for atten­tional disor­ders, brain injury, anxiety, Asperger’s, and sleep. Exten­sive scien­tific liter­a­ture docu­ments its safety and effi­cacy.

State-of-the-Art Computer Assisted Equipment

State-of-the-Art Computer Assisted Equip­ment neuroAgility, PC offers brain­training programs that employ the best equip­ment in the industry.We
contin­u­ally monitor the evolving field, and test the latest promising tech­nolo­gies.When we are satis­fied with the perfor­mance and safety of these tools, we offer them to our clients.

Our exten­sive collec­tion of equip­ment permits a precise indi­vidual fit for the client with an optimal training environment.We select from four distinc­tive neuro­feed­back systems, depending on the client’s goals and abil­i­ties, qEEG brain mapping results, age, inter­ests, and other char­ac­ter­is­tics. Our quiver of qEEG and neuro­feed­back systems includes equip­ment and resources from compa­nies such as those listed to the right.