The neuroAgility Approach

The neuroAgility staff offer expertise in qEEG and Neurofeedback (Traditional and LORETA) integrated with a performance, wellness,  and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) approach.  Psychotherapy, Sport Psychology, and Clinical Psychiatry referrals if warranted. We offer state-of-the-art training that is respectful and non-stigmatizing; we build on your strengths leading to a sense of self-mastery.

We work together with referring professionals including psychotherapists, educators, coaches, primary care physicians, neurologists, and psychiatrists.

What is qEEG/Neurofeedback?

We employ qEEG and EEG biofeedback to train indi­viduals to alter their brain­waves.

We employ qEEG (quantitative electroencephalogram) and EEG biofeedback (also called neurofeedback or neurotherapy) to train individuals to alter their brainwaves. Just as physical therapy helps a person strengthen and heal, neurofeedback training can strengthen a person’s ability to manage and change the brain’s activity.  This is a slow steady change in electrical activity.

To accomplish this, we first create a brain map (qEEG)—a picture of the activity in a person’s brain before training. This is done by attaching painless, non-invasive sensors to his or her scalp and recording the signals received. With this map, neurofeedback protocols are tailored to the individual’s needs. qEEG mapping and Neurofeedback training are conducted in a comfortable office setting utilizing state-of-the-art computer-assisted equipment.

Neurofeedback is used in conjunction with motivational and performance strategies for attentional disorders, brain injury, anxiety, mood regulation, Asperger’s, PTSD, seizure disorders, performance arenas, and sleep. Extensive scientific literature documents its safety and efficacy.

State-of-the-Art Computer Assisted Equipment

State-of-the-Art Computer Assisted Equipment neuroAgility, PC offers braintraining programs that employ the best equipment in the industry.We
continually monitor the evolving field, and test the latest promising technologies.When we are satisfied with the performance and safety of these tools, we offer them to our clients.

Our collection of equipment permits a precise individual fit for the client with an optimal training environment.  We currently use the Deymed equipment, top of the line equipment out of the Czech Republic.  This equipment is FDA approved.  We then determine individualized neurofeedback training protocols, depending on the client’s goals and abilities, qEEG brain mapping results, age, interests, and other characteristics. Our quiver of qEEG and neurofeedback systems includes equipment and resources from companies such as those listed to the right.