Kerri Honaker, M.S., M.A., LPC, BCIA

Executive Director

Ms. Honaker is the founder and director of neuroAgility, PC. She is a Licensed Profes­sional Coun­selor with grad­uate degrees in Clin­ical Psychology and in Coun­seling and Family Therapy. She brings elements from the sports world to her work, combining psychology, perfor­mance and a natural moti­va­tional style. She has been compet­itive in gymnas­tics, tennis, basket­ball, and soccer. She loves skiing powder and enjoys pretty much anything outdoors. Kerri also prac­tices mind­ful­ness based stress reduc­tion in her work and her life: “MBSR is such a powerful tool; it is both expan­sive and applic­able in the moment.” She incor­po­rates these concepts with clients and her busi­ness as a whole.

Ms. Honaker is board certi­fied in neuro­feed­back from the Biofeed­back Certi­fi­ca­tion Inter­na­tional Alliance (BCIA). She is a member of AAPB (Applied Psychophys­i­ology and Biofeed­back), iSNR (inter­na­tional Society of Neuronal Regu­lation), AASP (Asso­ci­ation of Applied Sport Psychology), and BIAC (Brain Injury Asso­ci­ation of Colorado).


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