Cutting Edge’ Program For Children With Autism And ADHD Rests On Razor-Thin Evidence

July 17th, 2018 - By jen in Autism Spectrum, Information on ADD/ADHD

Brain Balance says its nonmed­ical and drug-free program helps chil­dren who struggle with ADHD, autism spec­trum disor­ders and learning and processing disor­ders. The company says it addresses a child’s chal­lenges with a combi­na­tion of phys­ical exer­cises, nutri­tional guid­ance and acad­emic training.

An NPR inves­ti­ga­tion of Brain Balance reveals a company whose promises have resonated with parents averse to medica­tion. But Brain Balance also appears to have over­stated the scien­tific evidence in its messaging to fami­lies, who can easily spend over $10,000 in six months, a common length of enroll­ment.

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