Get a Baseline!

May 15th, 2014 - By admin in Athletic/Performance Enhancement, Information on Brain Injury, Mild/Traumatic Brain Injury, neuroAgility News

neuroAgility,PC is pleased to announce our Get a Baseline! program. We take concussions and head injury seriously. As athlete performance is one of our specialty areas, we are concerned with contact sports. Every concussion injures your brain to some extent. neuroAgility cares about providing you with an under­standing of your brain before and after the injury. Most impor­tantly, we care about restoring your brain back to its peak func­tional perfor­mance (memory, concen­tration, sleep, etc.), as well as repairing the engine beneath the hood (your brain). The Get a Baseline! program details on our website include addi­tional research articles that explain the use of qEEG and neurotherapy for concussion diag­noses and reha­bil­i­tation.