The neuroAgility Program

December 6th, 2010 - By admin in neuroAgility News

We will also be scheduling your Family Support Sessions with you.  We want family members, significant others, and those living with and affected by the person doing the neurofeedback training to attend 2 sessions for every 10 neurofeedback sessions.  Structure, boundaries, goals, ideas and emotions all come into play when family is working and living together.  Our therapists and our CBT structure will lend a hand in homework battles, family time, down time, better communication and many other areas where we know families struggle.

Neurofeedback training is most effective two times per week.  Our scheduling manager schedules your full evaluation (above), and will then work with your daily routine to see when the best training times are.  You will train two times per week, every other day to have maximum benefit. We will be offering Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday training time slots. Our offices are open M-TH 9am-7:30pm and F 10:30am-5pm.

What is qEEG?

qEEG is a recording of the electrical activity that comes off of the scalp.  This takes about an hour in the office.  We will place a cap on your head, and measure 19 lead sites across your scalp.  This information will let us know what brain waves are firing where.  When we do a map (qEEG) in the office, we are recording 10 minutes eyes open relaxed, and we are recording 10 minutes eyes closed relaxed.  The session takes nearly an hour as we are getting all clear and clean signals ready to record, the prep time is important.  When you are done with your map your hair will have electrode gel in it.  It is good to bring a cap, or prepare your day knowing you will have a bit of gel in your hair upon leaving.   When coming in for your qEEG: no caffeine or sugar, and glasses are preferred to contacts.  We should have a conversation about medications you may be taking to see if they are workable with our recording.