Scientific American : Faulty Circuits

December 6th, 2010 - By admin in Information on Neurofeedback

In most areas of medi­cine, doctors have histor­i­cally tried to glean some­thing about the under­lying cause of a patient’s illness before figuring out a treat­ment that addresses the source of the problem. When it came to mental or behav­ioral disor­ders in the past, however, no phys­ical cause was detectable so the problem was long assumed by doctors to be solely “mental,” and psycho­log­ical ther­a­pies followed suit.

Today scien­tific approaches based on modern biology, neuro­science and genomics are replacing nearly a century of purely psycho­log­ical theo­ries, yielding new approaches to the treat­ment of mental illnesses.

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