About Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Autism Spectrum Disorder is frequently misdiagnosed as ADD/ADHD

The most common symptoms involve social ineptitude and difficulty with empathy, but symptoms vary widely and the disorder manifests uniquely in each individual. It is not uncommon for symptoms of Autism to be mistaken for indicators of ADD/ADHD, leading to frequent misdiagnosis of the disorder.

Other symptoms include delayed motor skill development, all-absorbing interest in limited topics, inability to read social cues or understand humor, and grammatically correct speech that has an unusual rhythm or intonation. The primary symptoms of ASD may lead to social isolation, depression, and/or anxiety, especially if left untreated as a child matures into adolescence.

“…my perfor­mance has unques­tionably been enhanced as a result of treatment. Not only were my sessions with neuroAgility helpful and educa­tional but I had a lot of fun too.” – PR


Neuro­feedback is the core of what we do at neuroAgility in conjunction with psychotherapy.

Although Autism is a lifelong neurobiological condition whose causes are not fully understood, its inception appears to be linked to physical changes in the brain. While their is no cure for the disorder, symptoms may be effectively managed, especially if treatment is undertaken while a child’s brain is still developing. In addition, certain characteristics, such as attention to detail and a proclivity for structure and truth, may be appropriated as benefits with the proper support.

Research shows neurotherapy to be an effective, safe, non-invasive way to manage the symptoms of Aspergers/ASD. neuroAgility offers state of the art brain training that is respectful and non-stigmatizing. Our program helps those on the Autism Spectrum to utilize and train the brain to build on existing strengths and gain better control of their lives.