The View of Autism as an IT Asset

November 23rd, 2015 - By admin in Autism Spectrum

We don’t seem to talk about it all that much, but the connection between autism and IT is  a fact that begs the question: should we think of autism as a liability—or as an asset? Full Article: IT Business Edge, “The View of Autism as an IT Asset”

neuroAgility presents at Mackintosh Academy’s Segue to Summer Series, May 2014

April 28th, 2014 - By admin in Anxiety, Athletic/Performance Enhancement, Autism Spectrum, Information on ADD/ADHD, Information on Brain Injury, Information on Neurofeedback, Mild/Traumatic Brain Injury, neuroAgility News

Strategies for Summer – “From Boredom to Over Scheduling, How Best to Serve the Gifted Child over Summer – and how Neurofeedback can help”. Neurofeedback professionals Kerri Honaker and Charity Finch will lead a discussion about how to make the most of Summer for your gifted child and family. They will also speak to how Neurofeedback can help address issues such as ADHD and anxiety … Continue reading