Steve Stockdale, Ph.D., B.C.I.A.

Licensed Clinical Psychol­ogist, Staff Consultant

Dr. Steven Stock­dale is a Licensed Clin­ical Psychol­ogist. Dr. Stock­dale has exten­sive expe­rience in clin­ical and research appli­ca­tions of Quan­ti­tative EEG tech­nology. He is currently the Clin­ical Director of The Neuro-Health Center in Colorado Springs, CO, which special­izes in Quan­ti­tative EEG eval­u­a­tions and neuro­feedback treat­ment for Atten­tion Deficit Disor­ders and Mild Closed Head Injuries.

In 1991, Dr. Stock­dale estab­lished a research and treat­ment facility for Lexicor Medical Tech­nology. Previ­ously, he was in private prac­tice special­izing in child and family psychology and has held appoint­ments at The Univer­sity of Colorado and Chapman Univer­sity. Dr. Stock­dale is an inter­na­tionally known speaker on Quan­ti­tative EEG and neuro­feedback. He is past pres­ident of The Society for the Study of Neuronal Regu­lation, a profes­sional society dedi­cated to the advance­ment of Quan­ti­tative EEG and neuro­feedback through research.