Lex Merrifield, B.S.

Lex was born and raised in the mountains of South Lake Tahoe, California where he developed a passion for big mountain adventure. Outside of his adventurous lifestyle he initially went into college to play soccer. After receiving an Associates Degree in Social Sciences from Lake Tahoe Community College his path of studies quickly migrated to Psychology with a focus on the neuroscience side of studies. He traded the mountains for the ocean and went on to complete his Bachelor’s Degree at San Diego State University. What fascinates Lex the most is one’s ability to best optimize their well being, specifically focusing on the mind, body, and brain. He is passionate towards utilizing Neurofeedback as a building block for the path of optimal well being. Furthermore, Lex is excited to continue his studies at Saybrook University where he will obtain a Masters Degree in Psychophysiology with an emphasis in Sports Performance Psychology. During his freetime, Lex enjoys climbing, skiing, mountain biking, surfing, and traveling to new countries.