Earle Shugerman, MD

Medical Consultant

Dr. Shugerman attended medical school at Duke Univer­sity, where he was elected to the AOA medical honor society. After completing psychi­atric resi­dency at the Univer­sity of Colorado Health Sciences Center, he served as medical director for the Jefferson Center for Mental Health, and then for the Behav­ioral Health program at Boulder Commu­nity Hospital. He has been in private prac­tice in Boulder, Colorado since 1989. Dr. Shugerman is board certi­fied in psychi­atry. He is a member of iSNR, AAPB and the Amer­ican Psychi­atric Asso­ci­a­tion.

Dr. Shugerman care­fully incor­po­rates advances in psychi­atric medi­cine, selected nutri­tional supple­ments when appro­priate, and a will­ingness to utilize effec­tive alter­native approaches to achieve health and well­ness in his medical prac­tice. He has worked exten­sively with atten­tional disor­ders and brain injury in adults and older adoles­cents throughout his career.


  • Inte­gra­tive Psychi­atry Training: Advanced Proto­cols — October 19–21, 2018 Boulder, CO