Summer Success Reminders

Take steps toward success.

Build up atten­tional perfor­mance.

  1. Family Time – Together with other family members, think about what sort of activ­i­ties you might like to do this summer and begin to put them on your calendar! Be sure to get your child’s input.
  2. Expand your Child’s Hori­zons – Try some­thing new in an area where you think there is a good possi­bility that your child will have fun.
  3. Acad­emic Expe­ri­ences – These activ­i­ties don’t have to remind a child of school. A library summer reading program, trips to museums, fun educa­tional movies, try and stick to a schedule as much as possible.
  4. Academic experiences don’t have to remind a child of school

    Acad­emic expe­ri­ences don’t have to remind a child of school

    Struc­ture – Because struc­ture is impor­tant for kids with ADD/ADHD, create your own, specif­i­cally tailor it to summer­time.

  5. Less Stress – Most often kids/teens are wanting to be “pres­sure free” for the summer, but please be reminded that those with high func­tioning autism, or some ADHD/ADD do not feel good when the days are wide open. It is often more stress inducing. While we need to learn to contain ourselves with no struc­ture, I recom­mend coming off the inten­sity of the school year slowly, let struc­ture be in your days, everyone knows what they can count on, this is remark­ably better than falling off into nothing.
  6. Friend­ships – nothing builds social confi­dence like having a buddy.
  7. Sputter time – Make sure as you are struc­turing your child’s summer that they have time to be non produc­tive, this is incred­ibly impor­tant as they have so much pres­sure to be produc­tive, don’t we all? Struc­ture the down time in small incre­ments.
  8. Set aside time together

    Set aside time together

    Set aside time for reading together.

  9. Stock the house with plenty of appealing reading mate­rial.
  10. Stock the house with food that is nutri­tious, so you don’t worry what they are having for a snack.
  11. Let your child see YOU reading for plea­sure.
  12. ACTIVE – allow active­ness, as this is a great precursor for good sleep and a good appetite.
  13. Sleep – sleep – sleep. Let the body reju­ve­nate. Essen­tial for focus.