Kerri Honaker, M.A., M.S., LPC

Ms. Honaker has been working with teens and young adults for many years. “There is much power in face to face inter­ac­tion. Therapy, as I see it, has to be real, direct and honest.”

It is a profound experience and honor to offer a time, place, and opportunity for young women to have a forum that is safe and therapeutic to voice their opinions, perspectives and tough emotional places.

Finding balance.

Finding balance.

I like to learn about one’s history, and notice the patterns that play out in our lives today. I am very prac­tical in our work together. How can we become aware of patterns, and then work in a kind way to inte­grate our history into the present. I like to focus on what is well, what is going right, what is working ~ while also holding the struggle of being human.”

Ms. Honaker’s style of therapy is eclectic and founded in Psycho­dy­namic Theory, Mind­ful­ness Based Stress Reduc­tion (MBSR), Cogni­tive Behav­ioral (CBT), and Basic Good­ness.