Rex Cannon, Ph.D., B.C.I.A.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Staff Consultant

Dr Cannon’s clin­ical and research focus involves targeting the neural mech­a­nisms of self-
regu­la­tion in order to entrain networks of the brain through neuro­mod­u­la­tion tech­niques. He has published over 60 arti­cles in peer reviewed jour­nals. He currently serves as Editor in Chief for Neuroreg­u­la­tion and is an active reviewer for numerous neuro­science and behav­ioral jour­nals.  Dr Cannon is a past pres­i­dent for the Inter­na­tional Society for Neuro­feed­back and Research. Dr Cannon has devel­oped a promi­nent line of research demon­strating the effects of operant condi­tioning of the EEG current source density in specific nodes of the default network, and pari­etal regions to improve exec­u­tive func­tions while reducing psychopatho­logic symp­toms through neural plas­ticity and neural effi­ciency.