Naomi Iverson, B.S.


Hailing from Oregon, Naomi brought the west coast’s friendly demeanor with her to the front range of Colorado in 2013. Her natural inter­ests in science and tech­nology led her to completing her bachelor’s degree in Chem­ical and Biolog­ical Engi­neering with a minor in Computer Science from the Univer­sity of Colorado Boulder. At work, Naomi enjoys merging her strong tech­nical back­ground with her people skills to help train clients to better under­stand their brains and them­selves.
Outside of work, Naomi thrives in the world of outdoor sports and exer­cise where she has fun hiking, climbing, prac­ticing yoga, playing volley­ball, and much more. Her athletic mindset brings a unique perspec­tive to neuro­feed­back training sessions as she recog­nizes the chal­lenge of pushing oneself outside of comfort zones. Naomi works indi­vid­u­ally with clients during their sessions where she strives to create a light­hearted yet focused atmos­phere for quality training.