Naomi Iverson, B.S.

EEG Data Analyst

Hailing from Oregon, Naomi brought the west coast’s friendly demeanor with her to the front range of Colorado in 2013. Her natural interests in science and technology led her to completing her bachelor’s degree in Chemical and Biological Engineering with a minor in Computer Science from the University of Colorado Boulder. At work, Naomi enjoys merging her strong technical background with her people skills to help train clients to better understand their brains and themselves.
Outside of work, Naomi thrives in the world of outdoor sports and exercise where she has fun hiking, climbing, practicing yoga, playing volleyball, and much more. Her athletic mindset brings a unique perspective to neurofeedback training sessions as she recognizes the challenge of pushing oneself outside of comfort zones. Naomi works individually with clients during their sessions where she strives to create a lighthearted yet focused atmosphere for quality training.