Kaila Fluss, M.A., LPCC, BCN


Kaila earned her B.A. in Psychology at the Univer­sity of British Columbia, Canada. Following grad­u­a­tion, she obtained her Master of Arts in Transper­sonal Coun­seling Psychology at Naropa Univer­sity in Boulder, with addi­tional course­work in human sexu­ality, couples coun­seling, and family systems.

First intro­duced to the field of neuro­feed­back while pursuing her Master’s degree, Kaila imme­di­ately knew it was some­thing she had to explore. After completing her neuro­feed­back didactic training in Cali­fornia, she went on to work as a neuro­feed­back tech­ni­cian in Denver before coming to neuroAgility. She is  board certi­fied in neuro­feed­back with the Biofeed­back Certi­fi­ca­tion Inter­na­tional Alliance (BCIA), and is currently a Licensed Profes­sional Coun­selor Candi­date (LPCC).  Kaila is currently pursing her qEEG certi­fi­ca­tion.

Kaila brings her passion for supporting other’s healing and personal growth to her work in neuro­feed­back. Outside of neuroAgility she main­tains a private coun­seling prac­tice in Boulder, where she special­izes in working with women with PreMen­strual Dysphoric Disorder. She also works with Wind­horse Elder Care, providing home-based care to elders in the commu­nity. In her spare time, Kaila enjoys singing, hiking, and playing with animals.


  • Inte­gra­tive Psychi­atry Training: Advanced Proto­cols — October 19–21, Boulder, COwebsite